Health Survey Samples (BST 239)

Teaching Fellow - Harvard University
Spring 2023

  • Exposes students to sample surveys: their theoretical underpinnings, how to design them, how to collect the data, how to analyze the data, how to judge and interpret the data, and how to make inference about the public health from the survey.
Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Monitoring and Evaluation (BST 216)

Teaching Fellow - Harvard University
Spring 2020, Spring 2021, Spring 2022, Spring 2023

  • Monitoring and evaluation is concerned with assessing the quality of a program as measured against action plans, and evaluating its overall impact. This course addresses the quantitative or statistical aspects of monitoring and evaluation: what to measure, how to measure, how to analyze and how to make inference for the next steps of program implementation.
Data Science II (BST 261)

Teaching Fellow - Harvard University
Spring 2022

  • Covers introductory material concerning deep neural networks (e.g., multilayer perceptrons, convolutional neural networks, and recurrent neural networks), GPU computing, and notable biomedical applications.
Introduction to Statistical Methods (BST 201)

Teaching Fellow - Harvard University
Fall 2019, Fall 2020, & Fall 2021

  • Covers basic statistical techniques that are important for analyzing data arising from epidemiology, environmental health and biomedical and other public health-related research. Major topics include descriptive statistics, elements of probability, introduction to estimation and hypothesis testing, nonparametric methods, techniques for categorical data, regression analysis, analysis of variance, and elements of study design.
Linear Algebra & Differential Equations (MATH 240)

Teaching Assistant - University of Pennsylvania
Fall 2016

  • Linear algebra: vectors, matrices, systems of linear equations, vector spaces, subspaces, spans, bases, and dimension, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors, maxtrix exponentials. Ordinary differential equations: higher-order homogeneous and inhomogeneous ODEs and linear systems of ODEs, phase plane analysis, non-linear systems.